Autocross Guidelines

At the Autocross

A course will be setup on a large parking lot. Soft traffic pylons will be used to form a course consisting of turns, slaloms, and straight areas. Arrive early — see what goes on, volunteer to get involved.

When you arrive

  • Remove all loose items from your car — floor mats, driver’s carpet, coffee cups, etc. Check tire pressure and chalk your tires
  • Register wherever that is set up
  • Select a run group and get a car number
  • Complete waiver and registration form
  • Sign up for a work station

Technical Inspection

  • Drive car to Tech Inspection (or, they may find you)
  • Give registration form to Inspector
  • Car will be inspected for safety
  • Put your car number and class on window as directed

At the Driver’s Meeting

Check the course map at the timing trailer and attend the driver’s meeting where you will learn about the course

  • Safety
  • Danger Zones
  • Tight Corners
  • Wet or Oil Spots
  • Uneven or Rough Pavement
  • Flagging and Corner Worker Instructions
  • Availability of Instructors

Course Walk

  • Otherwise known as walking the line – walk the course with an experienced driver
  • You will be given between 10 and 20 minutes to walk the course between each run session. To “stay the course” you must first stay on course
  • The first problem that confronts every autocrosser is staying on course. So the first step is learning where it goes

Once the Competition Starts

  • Watch other drivers
  • What line are they driving?
  • Where are the breaking points?
  • Where are the shifting points (up and down)?

Now it’s your turn!

  •  Bring your car to staging area
  • Proceed to start line
  • Check your seat belt
  • Make sure all loose objects are out of the car
  • Turn the rear view mirror away from view
  • Focus your thoughts on how you want to drive the course

Starter gives the OK!

  • Look ahead at gates and know where you want to be
  • Remember when to brake and shift

If you should spin

  • BOTH FEET IN – depress the clutch and brake fully
  • Look for corner workers to re-start you
  • Finish the course

If you see a Red Flag

  • Quickly come to a complete stop
  • Look for corner workers to re-start you
  • Drive the First Run at Reduced Throttle
  • Learn to stay on course
  • Drive a good line
  • Drive S M O O T H L Y
  • Have a good time!


The following photos were kindly provided by Steve Wagner. They will give you an idea of what to expect for your first autocross.